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Multiple DUI Charges

July 30th, 2015

Whether it is your first time or your third time, being charged with DUI can be a harrowing experience. The penalties of a first-time DUI are often tough enough to prevent drunk driving, as well as deter an individual from committing the offense repeatedly.

More often than not, multiple DUI convictions can result in severe penalties—with both criminal and civil penalties becoming progressively worse with each successive conviction. In a fourth DUI offense, charges may possibly be enhanced to a felony DUI.

Thee severity of a DUI charge and its penalties depend on numerous factors, including your criminal record, driving record, BAC level, and whether or not an injury or accident resulted from your DUI.

State lawmakers and law enforcement officials have enacted statutes that heavily punish anyone convicted of multiple DUIs. Depending on the circumstances, you could face license suspension, hefty fines, jail time, DUI education, community service, use of an ignition interlock device, electronic home monitoring, and higher insurance rates. Your being convicted with a misdemeanor or felony could also further affect your future and potentially limit your employment opportunities.

Many individuals arrested for a repeat drunk driving offense believe that they have no option to fight the case and have no other choice but to accept a plea bargain. An experienced and knowledgeable DUI attorney may be able to challenge law enforcement officer testimonies, argue against the accuracy of the chemical tests and field sobriety tests, and uncover other errors on the side of the prosecution. A DUI defense lawyer on your side could also increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome, such as a reduction or complete dismissal of charges being filed against you.

If you are facing multiple DUI charges, it is highly advisable that you seek legal representation from a skilled DUI attorney as soon as possible.

The Criminal and DUI Attorney Network